We’ve created a huge range of games, adventures and graphics add-ons for the Minecraft Marketplace since becoming official partners in February of 2018. Our focus is on creating immersive and enjoyable maps to the highest quality for the variety of players of the game so that we can cater to the many different tastes in adventure and discovery out there.



A collection of our favourite pixel and voxel based creations from across a wide range of different projects.



Cyclone Designs is a game design focused media company currently with a focus on pixel art, voxel based game design and game mechanics. Formed by three highly experienced partners in Autumn of 2017 we have now grown in both size and skill, collectively working together to produce the highest quality media and game experiences which we believe players deserve.


We believe that pushing the boundaries and quality of design, whether it be from concept art, game design to final media promotion products is vital to all our work and is one of our key targets as a team. Presenting new ideas in new styles for others to enjoy in the form of games is a highlight for all of us at Cyclone Designs.


As a collective of gamers as well as dedicated artists and developers at Cyclone Designs we pride ourselves on delivering immersive but most importantly fun content for fellow gamers to enjoy.


Taking into account our shared love for gaming and the extensive community work done by the founding partners, we truly understand the importance of communities when it comes to both the development and enjoyment in games. As a result we are always keen to hear back from our players and have created a public community discord in lieu with this.

Marceau Nakayama

Founding Partner

One of the three co-partners of Cyclone Designs originating from Tokyo, Japan, 24 year old Marc is passionate about the film and video game industries. Driven by his curiosity and ingenuity Marc loves to learn new tools to perfect the workflow of his surroundings and as a result can create highly detailed and immersive environments through his concept arts which he specialises in.

Vanessa Pearson

Founding Partner

A 20 year old engineering student from London, U.K. Vanessa’s hobbies and spare time revolve around the realms of gaming and the creative industry that has stemmed from it. With seven years of experience in the game Minecraft and five years of experience running online gaming events, Vanessa shares her time between cultivating gaming communities and working on projects with Cyclone Designs, focusing on 3D modelling and game design.

Will Loader

Founding Partner

Will is 24 years old from Sheffield, U.K. and is hugely passionate about 3D modelling, animation and game design in particular, retro “old-school” aesthetics, voxel and pixel art. Following his degree in Fine Art and five years of professional experience within the game Minecraft he is able to create fantastically stylised, interactive worlds, gameplay and media for players.

Andrzej Czerniewski

Developer & 3D Modeller

Terraformer, World Machine expert and redstone engineer in Minecraft as well as a java software developer with a degree in computer science. Andrzej known for making popular fantasy terrain maps on the global community site planetminecraft.com.

Drilon Braha

Webdeveloper & 3D Modeller

Drilon is a web developer currently studying web development and media in university. He hopes to become a full-stack developer to create beautiful and functional websites.

Emiliano Alberdi

Developer & 3D Modeller

Emiliano has always loved invention and craft based games so uses Minecraft to express his imagination; making new mechanics, building a world to fill them with and play in are parts of his everyday life. Emil studied History of Art, Architecture and Urban planning but is passionate about gaming and often competes in tournaments.

Gabriel Juarez

Pixel Artist

Gabriel is currently a full-time student but plans to pursue art as a career in the future. He loves Minecraft texture design because it is a simple but powerful platform which gives him the opportunity to explore new techniques and create content for a large, supportive community.

Grace Bell

3D Modeller

Ancora Imparo" or “yet I am learning” in Latin is a phrase Grace stands by. She’s an aspiring individual who enjoys learning new things constantly and never intends to stop. Gaming is her hobby and designing is her job however she greatly enjoys the overlap in the two.

Jan Christian F Deliso

Developer & Pixel Artist

Jan, from the Philippines is a Designer, Artist and a Game Developer in Cyclone Designs and has been playing Minecraft since 2011. His other creations can be found in MCPEDL and MCPE Master. @DelisoJan

Jaye Newell

Pixel Artist & 3D Modeller

Jaye uses Minecraft as a creative platform, designing engaging experiences through the use of resource packs, game design, and 3D voxel modeling. He specialises in fantastically detailed pixel arts and textures. @Elsweyr_MC

Kai Aurich

Developer & 3D Modeller

A long time minecrafter, since 2011 and overall video game enthusiast from Germany. Mulcho is passionate about modding and content creation with a particular interest in the science behind it. In Minecraft he specializes in building, large scale terraforming, creating mechanics as well as programming. Outside minecraft, Mulcho has an engineering degree in computer sciences.

Klemens Wöhrer

Pixel Artist

Klemens is a digital artist living in Austria. Pursuing a career as an artist and designer he attended the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria where he studied Media Technology and Design. After an internship at BloodIrony Games and then graduating in 2017 Klemens was able to combine his enjoyment for video games and art by starting to work as a lead pixel artist at Cyclone Designs.

Mark Rayment


Mark is a programmer, redstone and command block expert who creates mods and manages servers. He’s most commonly known for my work on the Twitch show Mianite Season 2, as their redstone and command block expert. He has a love for programming and teaching and when he is not managing shows or wiring up Minecraft games, enjoys teaching kids how to code. Outside of work he likes to watch movies and play RPG games.

Martin Earls

3D Modeller

Martin is a 3D Environment Artist living in Ireland. Developing landscapes with a variety of tools to create memorable experiences and fun worlds to explore. @sphaeraterra

Matthew Busch

3D Modeller & Writer

Writer, idea maker, builder, and music producer from Minnesota, U.S.A. Matthew has been Minecrafting since late 2011 and has put his varied skills to use in a wide range of Minecraft projects, most recently, writing, building, ideating, and producing for the Minecraft Marketplace with Cyclone. Matthew is working on a series of fantasy novels and hopes that Minecraft will continue connecting him with people who can help him realize his vision of transforming his books into films and games.

Simon Bleau

3D Modeller

Simon has been a member of the ElysiumFire Minecraft building team for 2 years and with this experience he specialises in interior design, level design and creating outdoor atmosphere. He commits himself to create vast, immersive and coherent environments for players including, when possible adding fun and clever easter eggs to his creations.

Ushio Tokura

3D Modeller

Work to inspire, inspired by work. These phrases ring true to the way Ushio approaches his work methods. He is also very much into classical music, fragrances, food and travel.


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